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Fun for all ages.


K2L teaches a variety of Martial Arts disciplines.  We feel that students need to be trained in more than one art in order to protect themselves with CONFIDENCE!

Real World

K2L instructors blend 4 very practical Martial Arts seamlessly together creating a system that prepares students for the REAL WORLD!


Our students not only learn STRIKING from TAEKWONDO & MUAY THAI but they also learn how to defend themselves on the GROUND FIGHTING with our BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU program.

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Kids Martial Arts

This video is hard to watch but you should watch it. This is a huge problem. Has your child ever said they were getting bullied? Parents, please listen to them. Then bring them to my school Kids 2 Leaders Martial Arts for training on this. Not one of my student's would ever be either of these girls. We teach aggressive/ confident kids to help others and have compassion. We teach shy kids to use their voice a and stand up for themselves. All kids need training on how to deal with this because they all see it. Get your kids trained. 816-537-3444. If you are not near my school, go to any ATA martial arts school that teaches Kidz n Power curriculum. Call today! ... See MoreSee Less

VICIOUS BULLYING . . . Over FROZEN??? Seventh Grade Girl Is Viciously BEATEN By A BULLY . . . The Bully Was ANGRY . . . Because The Little Girl Looks More Like ELSA FROM FROZEN . . . Than She Does!!! (Should The POLICE Get Involved . . . Even Though They're Only 12??)

Hello K2L family! We have a couple fun things happening this month. First is our membership drive. We are looking for names and phone numbers of your family and friends that might be interested in trying a class. We will take care of the rest. You or your child will receive points. The higher the points better the prize. It will end October 30th the night of the Halloween party. Prizes will be given out that night. That night will be our first trunk or treat. Come decorate your vehicle while the kids walk around car to car for candy. Decorating will be 5-6, trunk or treat 6-7 and 7 will be the Halloween party. REMINDER there are kids with peanut allergies so nothing with nuts. Looking forward to our events this month. See you all soon.

K2L Staff
... See MoreSee Less

#KC #MartialArts #LifeSkills #K2L ... See MoreSee Less

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