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Developing Life Skills



Life skills are easily the most important reason students train at Kids 2 Leaders Martial Arts. There are many characteristic attributes that one learns training at K2L!  K2L will absolutely change the character of the student that sets the goal, sticks with, and achieves that rank of Black Belt!

In today’s culture its not uncommon for kids to disrespect authority, back talk their parents and grandparents, or be unappreciative of the life they have. Let’s face it, our kids are spoiled and feel entitled.  K2L instills “old-school” traditional values back into the kids of today.   We join together with the parents to form what we refer to as our “triangle effect!”  What you teach at home is what we teach at the school.

Why do we get results though?  Because it coming from another source.  Our instructors are trained experts in rapport building. Once we have the attention of the kids (while they are impressionable from our perspective), we reinforce what you are teaching them at home.  It takes a village.  We are a part of that village! K2L also uses a variety of tools to help in the life-skills teaching process.

Students will earn rank, stars, stripes and more for following through with their part of this journey.  This makes it fun and rewarding for the kids.  It’s a win, win, win relationship that has proven successful for over 13 years right here in the Kansas City area!  Call today or fill out our info form and we’ll contact you at your convenience.