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Kids 2 Leaders, (K2L) was established in Lee’s Summit, Missouri in 2004 by founder and owner, 6th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor, Brian Davidson. The mission of K2L has always been to turn its students into LEADERS, one Black Belt at a time!  No matter your age or limitations, there is a place for you and your family on our mat!

K2L is perfect for your energetic (hyper acting) kiddo.  But its also for the most mindful and disciplined kid.  K2L is perfect for the shy and timid kid.  It’s also great for aggressive and fast-tempered kids as well.

You see, our program starts with one key ingredient…STRUCTURE!  Everyone follows along, no matter the personality type.  The program assures of that!  Then, we as instructors get to decide when to put the ENERGY and EMOTION into class.  With perfect balance between those two key components, STRUCTURE AND EMOTION, LEARNING happens!  This is the KNOWLEDGE piece of our program.  Our students over time will learn thousands of techniques and become very skilled MARTIAL ARTISTS. 

Just as the name says, our goal is to turn regular kids into LEADERS. The word “Kids” however, does not mean that K2L is just for youth!  In fact, our student body is made up of many teen and adult students.  Our adult students come mostly from our very popular FAMILY CLASSES.  The word “Kids” here is more of a metaphor meaning “being a kid or young in your martial arts journey!” We also thought it was a catchy and creative name 15 years ago when we thought of it!

Read further into our program and the actual Martial Arts that we teach on the tabs above on this site!  We look forward to getting to know you better!